Kahoot Studios provide a broad range of software development and game design services to our clients. We work with a variety of companies and individuals, and we provide specific services on a client by client basis. If you want to discuss details of any of our services, feel free to contact us. You can also see our past work over in our portfolio. If you think we can help you make a game or some software but don’t see a specific service listed, please get in touch anyway as we do a lot of bespoke projects.

Game Development

The main services we provide are those surrounding Game Development. The services we offer include small scale prototype development all the way up to full scale game development for release. Our developers’ experience spans multiple software projects and game projects across a variety of genres and platforms. We have worked on released titles on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, XBox One, PS3, PSP and others. Our team primarily uses the Unity 3D engine to provide high quality game development across multiple platforms. Our game development services include:

  • Full scale game development from prototype to gold release
  • Prototype development for use in presentations and pitches
  • Proof of concept/Vertical Slice development
  • Game scope documentation for development
  • Multi platform development support(Mobile, PC and Consoles)

Game Design

Our game design services are very flexible and we can adapt to fit your needs. We have a range of game design experience across multiple genres and across many projects. We provide design specific to a particular project and iterate our designs based on client feedback. We often offer clients our Game Design services in addition to Game Development and these scale from initial game concept documents to full game design documents and level design on a project. Our game design services include:

  • Game concept document production
  • Game design document production
  • Game design consulting
  • Level design
  • Design document review, revision and restructuring