The People Vs Democracy

The People Vs Democracy

‘The People Vs Democracy’ goes beyond the spectacle of the General Election to expose the realities of our political system. This live action board game reveals the complex compromises and brutal confrontations that keep governments in power for years after you have finished voting.

Parliament and the Westminster village are only part of the greater structures in the UK, with everyone from bankers to the media and even estate agents making important decisions in your life. The game places you, the player, within these political structures forcing you to balance your personal goals against the greater good of society.

Wrestling with an unstable economy and under siege from unfolding news events, you must coax, cajole, lobby and leverage the other players to further your own agenda. To outmanoeuvre your opponents you must understand how the system works and bend it to your ends. ‘The People Vs Democracy’ gives you the freedom to reshape our political system: you can become a skilled profiteer or push towards a fairer society.

Kahoot Studios developed a digital system to keep track of different aspects of the People Vs Democracy game. This was used to display the scores(Health, Wealth etc.) for each player in the game on a projector screen. This system was set up so that staff of the event could interact with it by using a custom Android app.

Client: The People Vs Democracy

Platforms: Physical Event

Date Released: April 2015

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