Milkyway Meow Meow

Milkyway Meow Meow

Milkyway Meow Meow(aka Space Cat Moon Puncher) is a game that was initially inspired by Winterbells. We really liked the continuous jumping mechanic so we started off there and the game evolved from that. We brought Tom Mathews on board to add some more creative juices and he did all the amazing art for the game.

Thanks to Tom’s crazy but loveable brain, we landed on the concept for the story. Our hero, the Katsmonaut Mobo, was minding their own business when the moon showed up and stole their milk. As we all know, the moon is total jerk, and used the stolen milk to increase its cheese supply. Mobo did not take this lightly and decided there was only one thing to do – punch that jerk moon. Thus begins the greatest adventure ever seen as Mobo jumps(a lot) towards the moon.

We’re hoping to partner with a publisher for the release of Milkyway Meow Meow in the future, so if you are a publisher and like what you see, feel free to get in touch!

Keep an eye out for more information about Milkyway Meow Meow as we’re releasing new stuff all the time!

Developed by us!

Platforms: TBD

Date Released: Soon!

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