Digital Disarray

Digital Disarray

Digital Disarray is Kahoot Studios’ first original game to be released on Android. It began life as Kahoot Untangle and became Digital Disarray as more and more content was added. Digital Disarray is a great little puzzle game with both a Free Version(with ads) and a Paid Version(no ads). It has a tonne of hand crafted levels and 4 different sizes for randomly generating your own levels for endless playability! We had a lot of fun making it and we hope you enjoy playing it just as much.

Digital Disarray is easy to learn but hard to master! You complete levels by moving nodes with the goal being to untangle every line!

Features Include:
– 114 hand crafted levels across 4 different difficulties(60 Easy, 30 Medium, 15 Hard, 9 Impossible)
– Randomly generated levels for endless fun in 4 sizes(Small, Big, Large, Huge)
– Huge puzzles with 50+ nodes for true puzzle lovers!
– Hauntingly beautiful music & sound

Developed by us!

Platforms: Android, Web

Date Released: November 2015

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