Project Space Cat Moon Puncher – Screenshots Part 1

Hey Kahooters!

We’ve been busy here in Kahoot Studios the past few weeks which means I have less time to do these blog posts. On the plus side though it means we have a lot of amazing things coming! We’re pretty much finished development on Space Cat Moon Puncher for the time being and we’re looking into the ways we can release it and extend it. It’s a great little game right now but if we have the chance to turn it into a bigger game we would love to do that. We have some big ideas for it and how to turn it into a full scale title so keep an eye out for news in that area!

In the meantime we’re working on a really cool project with some amazing people in London. The People Vs Democracy is a live action board game that we’re helping design and also developing the digital platform for. Without giving away too much information, it’s a really interesting resource management game about how different sectors interact with government and can played by up to 40 people at once! You can learn more and also support the project here. If you’re in London for any of the showings/game sessions we strongly recommend taking a look. It’s a lot of fun and very innovative.

Alright you’ve waited long enough so we won’t keep you waiting any longer! Here they are! The first ever screenshots of Project Space Cat Moon Puncher! This is what the “early game” looks like. Click an image below to see it fullsize!






As always feel free to get it touch with us on Twitter(@kahootstudios), Facebook, Youtube or the comments below!
Until next time – Keep on Kahooting!