Milkyway Meow Meow – First Gameplay Footage!

Hey Kahooters!

We’ve been back working on Space Cat Moon Puncher, now titled Milkyway Meow Meow over the past two weeks and we’re delighted to have the game ready to show off to world! We’ve worked with the amazing Tom Mathews(@NinjaMonkeyTom) for art and animation and the super talented Wayne Thomas Irwin(@WayneIrwinETC) for music and sound effects. The game is looking and sounding better than we could have imagined and we’re super psyched to show it to you all!

You can learn more about the game in our portfolio. We’d love to hear from you guys so let us know what you think!

As always feel free to get it touch with us on Twitter(@kahootstudios), Facebook, Youtube or the comments below!
Until next time – Keep on Kahooting!