Digital Disarray Launch!

Hey Kahooters!

I know it has been quite a while since we wrote a blog post but we’ve been busy working on all sorts of awesome things. You can see some of what we’ve been up to lately on our portfolio, but we’ve also been working on a bunch of our own projects. And on that front we’ve got some big news… Digital Disarray is out RIGHT NOW on the Google Play Store! There’s a Free Version(with some ads) and a Paid Version(no ads). Both versions have the full game content and the only difference is the ads. You can also play the game for free right here on our site.


I know what you’re thinking – what is Digital Disarray and why haven’t I heard of it before? Digital Disarray is the new name we have given Kahoot Untangle for its release on Google Play. We’ve talked quite a bit about Kahoot Untangle on the blog, and you can learn a bit more about Digital Disarray over on its portfolio page. Digital Disarray is a game we’ve kept coming back to and working on whenever we had some time and we decided it was finally time to release it into the world. We’re currently looking into doing an iOS release so stay tuned if you don’t have an Android phone!

We really hope you guys enjoy playing Digital Disarray as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! It’s an addictive little puzzler so be careful you don’t get too sucked in! If you do like it we’d absolutely love if you could help us spread the word about it. Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, it, Email it – everything and anything would be amazing!

As always thanks for reading and feel free to get it touch with us on Twitter(@kahootstudios), Facebook, Youtube or by making a comment below!
Until next time – Keep on Kahooting!