Zompirewolf by Durt Bird Games(with help from Kahoot Studios)

Hey Kahooters!

I know it’s been quite a while since our last post but unfortunately one of the downsides of being busy is getting to talk to you guys lot less. But have no fear we have a bunch of awesome stuff going on right now! We’re still busy working on Milkyway Meow Meow and we’ll hopefully be able to share some more news on that soon, but today I want to talk about another awesome project we’re working on – Zompirewolf!



We first met Ralph and Derek from Durt Bird Games late last year as their Kickstarter was in full swing. From early on we loved the look of project and the character of Zompirewolf is just plain awesome. We thought the project had a lot of promise and we were delighted when Zompirewolf became the first Irish game to be successfully Kickstarted! When we found out Durt Bird were looking to partner with some developers for the project we were even more excited! We (quickly) jumped on board and dived straight into the development process of Zompirewolf! Right now it’s early days but we’re having a lot of fun and the game is already starting to take shape.

Zompirewolf is an endless running game initially aimed at mobile platforms in the same vein as great titles like Subway Surfers and Temple Run. The player controls Zompirewolf and has to outrun a speeding bullet while avoiding all sorts of obstacles from bats to stage coaches. Zompirewolf’s biggest strength is his ability to change into one of the 3 forms he gets his name from – Zombie , Vampire and Werewolf. Using the unique characteristics and strengths of each form allows him to survive any threat that comes his way… if his reactions are quick enough! You can learn more about the game from the Zompirewolf website here!

As the development progresses we’ll be keeping you guys as updated as possible and sharing the passion we have for the project. We have a lot of exciting ideas we’re working for on the game and can’t wait to show you the amazing character of Zompirewolf come to life!

As always thanks for reading and feel free to get it touch with us on Twitter(@kahootstudios), Facebook, Youtube or by making a comment below!
Until next time – Keep on Kahooting!