Digital Disarray

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Key Mapping:
Left-Click: Buttons, Drag Nodes (vertices).
Right-Click: Unity Context Menu. Used to go Fullscreen.
Esc: Exit Fullscreen.
Mouse Wheel: Zoom In/Out.

About the Game:

Digital Disarray is inspired by the game Planarity. We played so much of the GTK+ implementation of the game, we decided to make a version of the game which better suited us. Among our goals were:
  • More attractive visual style.
  • More interesting initial level layouts.
  • No levels with all vertices arranged in an ellipse.
  • Greater variety in high-difficulty levels beyond that of randomly generated graphs.
What started as Kahoot Untangle has evolved into Digital Disarray, which available for Android right now! You can get the Free version with Ads or Paid version.
You can read more about Kahoot Untangle/Digital Disarray and our Development process on our blog!