Game of ‘Hoot

Key Mapping:
P (or Space): Play/Pause the game.
C: Clear the board.
S: Save the current state of the board. (Also saves on play, and when randomised).
L: Load the currently saved state of the board.
R: Randomise the board.
M: Mute/Unmute the game.
1, 2, 3: Change board color (red, green, blue).
←, →: Speed up/Slow down game iterations.

About the Toy:

Game of ‘Hoot is a small toy we made based on Conway’s Game of Life, crossed with Tone Matrix. Essentially, it is a noisy cellular automaton. Creepy, kinda sci-fi noises.
To interact with the game, you click on the dead cells to bring them to life or click on an alive cell to kill it. Once you hit “Play”, the cells will come to life, stay alive or die based on Conway’s rules. You aren’t limited to just setting an initial state, though- Interrupt the game whenever you like to switch cells on and off as you please.
And if you’re interested as to why the Game makes such weird and scary noises at you, our initial inspiration for this toy was “What might a computer enjoy doing?”.
You can read more about Game of ‘Hoot, and some of the things you can do with it, on our blog!